• 15 Feb 2013

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First half of 2012-2013 turnover Organic growth of online activities up to 17 %: more than 45 % of all sales are now online

Avanquest Software is posting first half-year (July – December 2012) sales of 52.8 M€, remaining stable compared to same period of previous fiscal year (53 M€). The decline of traditional activities is being compensated by online sales growth. On a like-for-like basis, sales are down by 9.1 %. Organic growth 2012-2013 This first half-year level of sales confirms the important growth of Avanquest Software’s online activities which are at the center of the new group strategy : up to 37 % (17 % in pro forma figures), they are now contributing 45 % of total sales, as compared with 33 % in 2011-2012 first semester. Traditional sales by offline channels are down by 27 % (30 % in pro forma figures) from 2012-2013 to 2011-2012 first semester. They represent 36 % of global sales, as against 49 % same period of last fiscal year. This decrease is the sign of Avanquest successful shift to online. BtoB sales remain stable from one year to another, going from 9.6 M€ same period of last year to 9.9 M€ this semester. Sales of 2012-2013 2nd quarter reach 30.7 M€ (22.1 M€ for 2012-2013 1st quarter). Group activity in the last months of the year is usually stronger during this period, especially for web-to-print services and software downloads. First half-year figures confirm the online strategy announced on January 15th The evolution of online sales during 2012-2013 first semester is a proof that the strategic transformation of Avanquest already initiated is successful. The main growth vectors chosen to drive this shift show good performance: software and applications downloads, web-to-print services and Cloud and hosting services by subscription. softcity Softcity (for software and application downloads) sales are 9.4 M€ for 2012-2013 first half-year, with a 10.6 % organic growth rate. New range of photo editors software (“Photo CutOut”, “Photo Explosion”…) and “PhotoCards” and “Instacards” mobile applications new versions are levers for this growth. planète art PlanetArt (web-to-print services) sales are 6.3 M€ for 2012-2013 first semester, up to 44 % organically compared to last year same period. This growth is coming among others from My Custom Case successful new offers: this website allows customers to personalize their smartphone cases. In December, US sales for web-to-print services reached 2.2 M€. VCOM VCOM (Cloud and hosting services by subscription) sales are 2.9 M€, confirming the potential of this new activity. SoftCity has 150,000 active subscribers to its first Cloud services, already bringing recurring revenues. Avanquest Software shift to online will accelerate during this fiscal year through development of fast-growing activities, extension of the geographical coverage of these global divisions and finally the implementation of new economic models. About Avanquest Software: Avanquest Software is a major player in the development and publication of software applications on PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, TV and Social Networks. The passion that drives our teams, the high-technology added value of the software and the Group’s solid presence in North America, Europe and Asia make Avanquest Software one of the top 10 consumer software publishers in the world. Avanquest Software has been listed on Euronext since 1996. For any additional information, please visit INVESTORS - ANALYSTS Thierry BONNEFOI +33 (0)1 41 27 19 74 PRESS Ziad GEBRAN +33 (0)1 41 27 19 82