Avanquest Software is basically a group focused on consumer products however, today, nearly 20% of its sales are made in activities geared to businesses, through two divisions:

Avanquest Mobile Technologies

This division specializes in the design and development of mobility-focused software, the Group’s historic segment. This division’s solutions go as white-label products to partners including manufacturers, operators and insurers. Their common goal is to protect users, their devices and their personal data.

All of the software products developed contribute genuine added value in terms of multi-device synchronization, data backup, and parental control.

To learn more about this division, please visit their Web site at http://www.avanquestmobiletechnologies.com/

Avanquest Process Flows

Avanquest Software’s Process Flows division helps companies optimize their processes through in-house, outsourced or Cloud-based solutions.

In addition, this division offers its customers a software download platform, Software Paradise, which enables them to find not only the best products but also those best suited to their needs for process optimization.

To learn more about this division, please visit their Web site at http://www.processflows.co.uk/