Both through its history and various acquisitions, Avanquest Software has established a portfolio of leading brands in the software industry.

By capitalizing on that, today the Group is able to market a products catalog that includes nearly 2,000 titles worldwide.

In addition, many new brands have been developed specifically for the product innovations created by the Group in the fastest-growing segments of the software market.

These brands may be worldwide or local.


This is the Group’s most recent brand. InPixio is the Avanquest Software Group’s brand of reference for all Photo and Video products. By making it possible to improve, personalize and share our latest shots taken with cameras, Smartphones or tablets, InPixio software and applications help all of us to bring out the best photographer inside of us! Its products are Photo Maximizer, the all-in-one photo retouching software, PhotoCards, the mobile app that turns photos into postcards in just a few clicks and Photos On TV, cutting-edge software that displays photos on a connected TV.


For the French, the MicroApp brand has been synonymous with “digital technologies for everyone” since 1981. MicroApp’s software and services bring an educational and entertaining dimension to user assimilation of the latest digital innovations: either by putting technologies to work for education, or by contributing to users’ digital training. Established in 1981 when the individual PC had just made its debut, MicroApp has been part of the Avanquest Software Group since 2011.


GSP is a leading brand of video games in the UK. With more than two decades of experience, the GSP selection takes gamers to their own world. From educational games to the most cutting-edge games, all worlds are available in the GSP galaxy. This is an Avanquest Software Group brand.

modern gamesModern Games is the Avanquest Software Group’s German brand of video games. For more than 10 years it has offered a repertoire that includes action games, educational games or, with the requirement that they offer captivating and innovative user experiences, games taken from TV programs.

Nova dev

Since 1984, Nova Development has been a brand of Windows and Mac software designed for the consumer and small business market. Its ability to provide users imaginative products and added-value content makes it a leader in several product categories, including utilities and architecture. This is the reference brand in the United States for the Avanquest Group.