The Avanquest adventure is part and parcel of the conquest of technology. A startup in 1984 and today an international group, Avanquest has established itself as a leader in the digital ecosystem. With the experience it has acquired over the last 28 years and the cutting-edge partnerships it has established, Avanquest acts, through its software solutions, to support the mastery of technologies by everyone.

This is our conviction: the new technologies arise out of the intelligence of men and women, so long as they are supported. When users are apprehensive about their hardware, software becomes the essential fluid that enables them to master it. Our engineers and developers work to facilitate the constant adaptation between use and technology.

To do this, we have set up an innovation process that constantly adopts new practices. The Internet’s presence in our lives has stimulated, in each one of us, a desire for mobility, sharing, convergence and unlimited access to our personal data.

Our organization is driven day after day by our 530 employees working at eight sites around the world. Brought together by the entrepreneurial spirit, they demonstrate their independence, imagination and openness to the world so that they can better understand technologies and support their acquisition through our software. The profession of developer, which is at the core of our business, is constantly changing in order to achieve increased simplicity in the design of our products and services. Today technology is everywhere, but it has to blend together seamlessly. That is their objective.

Through the work of its teams and its involvement in the life of the digital community, Avanquest’s efforts bring technology closer and make it easier by putting it to work in our customers’ everyday lives: in the areas of education, work organization, entertainment and the visual arts, Avanquest’s products and services bring the added value of technologies to the habits of our 25 million customers.

Avanquest. Technology inspired.