A New Chapter for Avanquest

Pierre Cesarini

Technology businesses are not for the faint of heart. Platforms change. Protocols change. Consumer behavior changes. And keeping pace with those changes is what makes good companies great.

Avanquest has risen to this challenge time and again, most recently completing a successful multi-year transition to a new online business model without sacrificing any appreciable revenue. In fact, our revenue has remained steady at around €100 million for several years.

And now Avanquest has embarked on yet another new cycle of value creation in a constantly evolving digital marketplace.

Since my arrival as Chief Executive Officer in June 2013, I have led our management team in focusing efforts on engaging strategic changes that will enable us to return to a path of growth and sustainable performance. Towards this end, we are:

  • Refocusing the group on growth activities – mobile platforms in particular – and promoting organic growth
  • Concentrating future development only in significant strategic markets
  • Returning to a product culture, based on innovation and differentiation
  • Capitalizing on our proven advantages: innovation, international dimension and multichannel distribution network

As part of this strategy the group has identified its future growth drivers in two high-growth markets: Personal Digital Creation and Connected Device Management. To support this new strategy a new organization has been devised across the entire Avanquest Group, as well as a thorough reallocation of resources towards these two markets.

We have solid competitive advantages with which we are undertaking the writing of a brand new chapter in our history. Many opportunities exist in our industry; with this new strategy Avanquest has returned to its role as a pioneer of innovation.

Pierre Cesarini
Group CEO